Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning means something different to everyone, but it is much more than simple will writing. To us, it means protecting your estate, and arranging your assets so that those you wish to benefit will do so to the greatest extent possible.


It is not just for the wealthy: everyone has to decide how their possessions should be distributed, when, and to whom. And everyone is entitled to choose the best available methods to carry out those wishes. But if you don't decide, the law will decide for you!


Estate Planning includes an element of financial organisation to organise your possessions and set objectives that will suit your present circumstances, and this will lead naturally towards working out how they should finally be disposed of. Essentially, your plan will organise your belongings as you want them during your lifetime and then state what is to happen to them afterwards, giving you both peace of mind and the confidence that appropriate provisions has been made for the future.


When you make an estate plan, the first things to consider are:


  1. How is your wealth to be managed during your lifetime?
  2. What will happen If you become disabled or incapacitated? Do you know who will handle your welfare and your financial affairs?
  3. If you become unable to communicate with your doctor/healthcare professionals, how will you tell them about the treatment you wish to receive?
  4. Have you decided how your property will be distributed after your death?


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