Last Will and Testament

Last Will & Testament

Why you should write a will


There are many important reasons to write a Will, even if you think you don’t have much to leave, and expect it to all go to your spouse/partner. These include –


  1. Ensuring your possessions go to the people you want them to.
  2. Saying who will be responsible for winding up your affairs, and to make things easier for them.
  3. Specifying who will look after your children while they are still minors.
  4. Reducing the risk of family disagreements.
  5. Minimising the effect of taxes.
  6. Saying what your funeral preferences are.


Without a Will, the law says who gets what. The Courts will appoint an Administrator to deal with your estate and decide who will look after your minor children (who may have to go into Local Authority care until that happens).


If you are not married or in a civil Partnership, then without a Will, your partner would not be entitled to receive any of your belongings when you die. He/she would have to go to court and prove financial dependence in order to get anything at all.


We can help you make proper arrangements for your dependants and to provide for other relatives, friends and favourite causes that would get nothing without a Will.


We will give guidance on the appointment of guardians, trustees and executors.


Inheritance Tax is becoming relevant to more and more people, due to the rising value of their property and other possessions. We can help you prepare for this eventuality by advising on how your estate can best be protected.


Our Will Writing Service


If you would like us to assist you drawing up a Will, please contact us.

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