Living Wills

Living Wills

An Advance Decision tells your doctor and medical professionals what treatments you do not wish to be offered in the future should you be unable to make and communicate that decision for yourself at that time. You may include a statement of your general beliefs as a guide to understanding your decision and applying it to your particular situation. Your doctor will be bound by the Advance Decision once he is notified as to its content.


With an Advance Statement you can request particular forms of medical treatments which your doctors must take into account (but are not bound to follow). The Advance Statement is also a useful method for making other requests to family and friends, as well as to professional advisers, and for outlining your general beliefs and wishes in more general terms.


Before creating a Living Will you should discuss your likely medical needs with your doctor and consider what treatment and care is available now, and what advances could be made. You should also talk to your family, other relatives and anyone else likely to be affected in order to deal with the difficult issues that will be raised, especially where you specify that treatment is to be withheld.


Your family will not be able to override an Advance Decision.


Drawing-up an Advance Decision


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